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My Dad’s Rifle

Written By: richardwcraver - Jan• 29•18

We lost my dad eleven months ago. We had lost my mom 21 years prior and my dad remarried who I thought was a good woman. The only things of my dad’s that I got were his Remington Nylon 66 rifle and two break action shotguns which have been locked away in the safe for the last 6 months. I’ve just not mustered up the emotional wherewithal to do anything with them.


So Much For The Nap

Written By: richardwcraver - Jan• 18•18

The South-East got blanketed with snow the last two days, we got a whopping 7 inches, which is unusual as we usually get more ice. I’m pretty mobile, Gandalf the Gray got a new set of all-terrain sneakers about a month ago and boy do they work! However most of the area is at a standstill and work was called off yesterday and today. That’s fine, I don’t want to drive 26 miles in the snow to get to a garage with no customers or worse cars dripping melt water.


Well, They Were Cheap…

Written By: richardwcraver - Jan• 11•18

On my last outing to the range I was encouraged by the smaller groups I got by adjusting overall cartridge length by 0.50″. There is another guy I’ve seen at the range a couple times doing load development for .223, so I got to talking to him.


More .223 Play

Written By: richardwcraver - Dec• 23•17

My last .223 post I was shooting 1.5″-ish groups at 25 yards. I had shot some 50 yard groups previously that were around 3″ with factory ammo. I wasn’t exactly happy with it, but I wasn’t terribly disappointed as this is a budget rifle that I sourced the parts over a period of 6 months to a year. The barrel was a no name bought on GunBroker.


… You May Be A Reloader

Written By: richardwcraver - Nov• 27•17

If you’ve ever dried brass in the kitchen oven…you may be a reloader.

First .223 Loads Fired

Written By: richardwcraver - Nov• 25•17

Three posts ago I was loading my first batch of .223 Remington. I went to the range Friday and the results look good.


Reloadis Newbieous In Habitat

Written By: richardwcraver - Nov• 25•17

I went to the range this morning to observe a Defensive/Tactical Pistol match. I wanted to see how it worked and maybe try it on a future match. I wasn’t planning to shoot the match, but took the Beagle and 100 rounds of reloaded 9mm just in case I decided to make some noise.


So I Made A Mistake

Written By: richardwcraver - Nov• 23•17

I sat down to load some .233 rifle ammo last week and everything went well, until I started cleaning up.


Now For Some .233

Written By: richardwcraver - Nov• 17•17

Overall I’ve been happy with my adventure into reloading 9mm pistol rounds. So now it’s time to get the .223″ rifle loads going.


Making Do

Written By: richardwcraver - Nov• 12•17

There is an old line I’m fond of that goes, ‘I’ve done some much, for so long, with so little, that I’m now qualified to do anything with nothing’.