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Brass Prep Baby featuring Rusty The Range Squirrel

Written By: richardwcraver - Dec• 05•18

Just a bit of lighthearted parody of Ice Ice Baby… (more…)

The Funeral Of A Mentor

Written By: richardwcraver - Nov• 06•18

Today I went to funeral of my earliest Christian mentor, Robert Ore. When I first met him


How I Develop Loads For A Bullet With No Published Load Data

Written By: richardwcraver - Nov• 04•18

We should always use published load data when reloading ammunition, that is a standard safety practice. But what about when there is no published load data? (more…)

Back In The Saddle

Written By: richardwcraver - Oct• 26•18

Finally! It’s been a long summer, it’s been stinking hot, and finally the earth has tilted on it’s axis and fall (Or autumn if you prefer) is upon us! (more…)

Us – Why We Got Trump

Written By: richardwcraver - Aug• 11•18

I came across this essay attributed to Paul Genova, whom I do not know, but I understand his sentiment. (more…)

God Bless The USA

Written By: richardwcraver - Jul• 01•18

Freedom is not free, it’s cost is quite high. Thank you service men and women, past and present; and especially those that paid the highest price for our freedoms.

My Alter Ego

Written By: richardwcraver - Jun• 30•18

This little blog is filled with some of the stuff that rolls around in my head, that occasionally comes out my finger tips. A hobby, an observation and sometimes a rant. One of my hobbies is reloading ammunition, it’s a mostly relaxing activity whether picking up spent brass at the range, cleaning and prepping brass or the actual reloading of ammunition. (more…)

The Tyranny Of The Maintenance Light

Written By: richardwcraver - May• 25•18

I have long ascribed to the notion of the 7,500 mile Maintenance Service with an oil change in between, so I write the reminder sticker on the windshield for 3,750 miles from current. Or if using synthetic oil like myself 5,000 miles. Automakers have been recommending 8,000 and even 10,000 mile intervals at the flogging of the EPA and ‘wastestream’ operators.


Old Sleds

Written By: richardwcraver - May• 11•18

We have a term for cars that are past their useful service life; we call them Old Sleds. Basically it describes a car that gets dragged from shop to shop by it’s owner that never seems to have any money, because naturally the previous shop charged them a bunch of money and didn’t fix their car. So we have had our number picked in the lottery of life to be the superhero to right all wrongs for no real financial compensation.


The Not So Fun Part Of Reloading

Written By: richardwcraver - Apr• 23•18

On my last few range visits someone previous had converted a whole bunch of dollar bills into decibels. There was .223 brass strewn all about. Being the range squirrel I am, I made myself busy picking up brass until my knees screamed ‘Uncle’.