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Gandalf Turns 300K

Gandalf The Grey turned 300,000 today.

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How A Geek Builds A Computer – Part 1

So the last new computer I bought was in 2007. I normally build my own, but I was teaching a class at the time my old computer abruptly popped a capacitor on it’s motherboard. So I went to Walmart and ‘mastered the moment’.

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Does Quality Work Mean Anything Anymore?

Decades ago, I suppose I was a pre-teen because I remember listening to my Dad and not rolling my eyes, my Dad was talking to me about work ethic. I remember him telling me, “Whatever kind of work you do in life, do a good job. It doesn’t matter if your are a plane pilot […]

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You Get What You Pay For

Having worked on Acura and Honda automobiles since 1988 I frequently have folks asking me questions about Honda products. Usually it comes from a desire to repair something them self, less expensively or dare I say, cheaply. I try to help, but always end with the same refrain, use Genuine Honda parts, especially on critical […]

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A Shopping Tip To Save You Money And More

I went to WalGreen’s today to pick up a couple boxes of bandages. I work on cars, so I see my share of nicks and cuts. And although the Dr Rosedale diet has allowed me to quit taking my insulin and Metformin, I still am monitoring my blood glucose daily. So I was also buying […]

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