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Alcohol Anyone? – Part 1

About a month ago some of the newer Sheetz convenience stores in our area started selling E15 and E85 fuel, that is gasoline blended with 15% and 85% ethyl alcohol commonly called ethanol. The E15 a step up from the E10 that virtually all stations currently sell with the exception of a few that offer […]

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I Went To A Gun Show And Made It Out Very Alive

I haven’t been to a gun show in many years. The last time I went to one I was in Boy Scouts and the gun and knife show was in the coliseum adjacent to the fair grounds where a Scout-a-rama was taking place. I bought a leather handle Buck sheath knife that I have had […]

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A Shopping Tip To Save You Money And More

I went to WalGreen’s today to pick up a couple boxes of bandages. I work on cars, so I see my share of nicks and cuts. And although the Dr Rosedale diet has allowed me to quit taking my insulin and Metformin, I still am monitoring my blood glucose daily. So I was also buying […]

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