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Stick A Fork In It, It’s Done

The United States has ceased to exist. It’s done, gone; go ahead, wipe and flush.

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El Paso and Dayton

I’m not a criminal profiler, but with a word I can surmise the cause…

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I Am Not That Richard Craver

From time to time I will get in a strained conversation with someone that seems to be pumping me for some bit of information.  Like they ‘know’ something. There is another Richard Wayne Craver in the area, King, NC to be exact, although he did live in Winston-Salem for a period of time. It appears […]

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Creating (or escaping) A Sick System

This is a blog post from that I found some years ago, it fit to a “T” the workplace I was in at the time, a sick system, bordering on a Dark Triad, that I left after 19 years. It was painful for awhile, but one of the best moves of my life. I go […]

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Archie Bunker, Cain and Abel, and Diane Feinstein. Really.

From 1971 thru 1979 CBS television aired “All In The Family” which later became “Archie Bunker’s Place” which aired until 1983. It portrayed the fictional Bunker family from Astoria, New York; and it’s lead character was Archie Bunker played by Carroll O’Connor. It was a controversial show for the time, and I suppose still is, […]

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