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Pfizer Vaccine Causes Kidney Stones

Written By: richardwcraver - Apr• 19•21

Yes that’s right, the Pfizer vaccine causes kidney stones. How can I make such a claim? Empirical data!

The PA at the local Doc-Ina-Box looked at me in disbelief on Wednesday when I made that observation. All I can say is that I have lived 55 years and NEVER had a kidney stone, yet 2 weeks after getting the second injection that all changed. The science can’t be wrong, can it?

I really didn’t want the vaccine, I had the Wuhan Flu in December and as of mid February still had antibodies. However my employer is going to force it, I don’t think they legally can; but they are. In the current state of FUD (fear) uncertainty/doubt) I can hardly count on the State Labor Board to defend me.

I’m not anti-vaxx, I get the flu shot most years; I am concerned that the vaccines are derived by genetic Tom-foolery.

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