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The Wuhan Flu Arrived Here

Written By: richardwcraver - Dec• 14•20

The Wuhan flu finally arrived at our house. And yes I know it’s not an influenza, but it did come from Wuhan China and I’ll call it what I want.

It came on last Thursday afternoon as a bad sinus congestion, I have a deviated septum and keep a degree of sinus issues; this felt different. By 6:00PM I had a 1ºF fever and over the next 24 hrs reached 2.5ºF and chills and joint aches came along. The sinuses let loose and a cough developed.

My fever has stayed between 1ºF and 2ºF since. The aches are mostly gone and the sinus congestion and cough is mostly gone. I seem to be turning the corner except for the low grade fever. Yeah me!

However, and there always seems to be a however, my wife started coughing Saturday and by yesterday had a 2ºF fever. We went to the same Wake Forest University Medical Center Urgent Care  where I was I was diagnosed, and she tested positive as well. Essentially we we’re told that had to ride it out unless symptoms become acute.

So here we sit. I’m sure she will find something on Hallmark Christmas she hasn’t seen before, or seen since last year; I’ll watch about 15 minutes and walk away. Maybe I’ll got out to the garage to load some ammunition. Maybe I’ll coax a cat into my lap and try to sleep it off. They only thing I know for sure is we will keep moving forward.

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  1. Sailorcurt says:

    I just call it the Wuhan Virus (or Kung Flu, just because it’s pithy).

    Good to hear you’re feeling better and best wishes for the Wife. My brother got it last fall, but strangely he was the only one in the household that came down with it. Maybe the others were asymptomatic? I don’t know if they ever got tested since they didn’t get sick.

    Anyway. At least you know you’re past it. Should be immune now unless it starts mutating like the flu does.

    • richardwcraver says:

      I’m going with the assumption I have immunity; I’ve been in a monthly study through Wake Forest Medical Center, I’m positive for LGG and LGM antibodies.
      So much FUD (fear, uncertainty, doubt) being tossed around.

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