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It’s 2000 All Over Again

Written By: richardwcraver - Nov• 21•20

People my daughter’s age will scarcely remember the election debacle of 2000 when Al Gore challenged the vote count in Florida. What ensued was two months of partial recounts and haggling over the punches, called chads, on ballots. Al Gore’s camp was trying to assert that some chads were not completely punched through, called hanging chads. The allegation was made that the voter had meant to vote Gore but had not pushed the voting tool completely through.

Once that premise was in place they extended the logic to bulging chads or pregnant chads; chads that look like the voting tool had touched, but not punched them. The case was made that Gore voters had inserted the voting tool but not pressed. We have to count those votes for Gore because that was the logical intent.

Soon there were a succession of definitions of chads that the Gore camp said had to be counted. To make matters worse, the more times the ballot cards were handled chads would pop out or loosen. Al Gore and company turned into feces flinging primates in short order.

Finally the United States Supreme Count ruled saying that Florida would have to recount all districts of the entire state, not cherry pick specific districts, and knowing that panhandle Florida was a strong Bush area Al Gore conceded and Florida was certified for George W. Bush. 

Two decades later we have a sitting President that ran on among other things, Draining The Swamp; and he’s done an admirable job of exposing corruption in my opinion; as well as cutting taxes and creating jobs across the country. Those swamp creatures are not going without a dirty fight.

We are now 3 weeks since the 2020 Presidential Election, the mainstream media has declared the challenger, Joe Biden, the winner; although the Electoral College has not declared a winner. 

Why? Because the election is rife with fraud. It hinges on unsolicited absentee ballots that were mailed out proactively before the election. Many absentee ballots were never delivered to homes, which means they went somewhere or to someone else. There are districts that have 126% voter turn-out. What that means is that 26% more ballots were taken in than the district has registered voters. There is no other explanation than fraud.

It also hinges on an electronic voting system called Dominion which experienced ‘glitches’ in all five swing states with a demonstrated pattern of changing Trump votes to Biden votes. 

In recount states there have been videos taken of canvassing workers marking ballots, changing the results. But most damning of all was in Michigan on election night hours after the polls were closed, a memory card was found that had 400,000 votes, ALL of which were for Biden. That’s fraud, no way around it. 

It interesting that if you search Google for ‘Canvassing workers changing ballots’ you will not find videos like the one above, I found this one with DuckDuckGo, downloaded a copy and uploaded it to my own server before YouTube takes it down.

Try this search link:

As a reminder that the election is being stolen right before our eyes I purchased a shirt that makes a statement. Fraud is the way the left is shaping the agenda in this country.


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