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I Choose Essential Liberty

Written By: richardwcraver - Aug• 17•20

How much longer can states hold their citizens captive until something explodes?

At this point we are 156 days since the 2 week shutdown to ‘flatten the curve’. My wife and I are fortunate, we worked right through the lockdown as our jobs were considered ‘essential’; however the company I work for is slowing to a crawl because of the slow restart of the aviation industry.

A couple employees where I work got the Wuhan virus; one was very ill the other moderately so; both are now in excellent condition. I apparently was exposed but my immune system shrugged it off; I was never sick, but have tested positive for antibodies. My wife was working face to face with the public every day and never became ill.

UPDATE: The study I was in sent me subsequent anti-body tests which were all negative. The first appears to have been a false positive.

Before I go further, any loss of life is tragic to be sure; however the numbers are a tiny fraction of the dire predictions that fanned the flames of panic. Of those that have become ill, the survival rate is right around 99%. Exact numbers of infections is hard to come by as there has been anecdotal reports of fake positives. For example, a co-worker’s parents went to get tested locally, upon finding that there was a 2 hour wait they left without being tested; a few days later they received follow-up instructions related to their positive test results. Riiight!

How many people do you personally know?  Of that, how many have tested positive for the Wuhan? How many have been sick? Have any died?

Why do I ask this? The New York Times reports that the average person knows 600 people. Assuming I am typical, I know 2 people of 600 that have had the Wuhan, for giggles let’s double that, 4 people I know have had the Wuhan; 4/600=.67/100 or .67% infection rate. It is understandable that in dense city centers like Chicago, New York, San Francisco and the like the chance of exposure is higher. Of those exposed, not all become ill, and statistically very few die.

Newsflash! We will all die. Is that harsh? It shouldn’t be, it is a fact.

Would I rather pass away peacefully in my sleep than without my lungs filling with fluid due to a Chinese virus? Absolutely.

The question then becomes will I live in fear of an uncertain end and so not live my life to it’s fullest?

I am content to take the risk with the small chance I will contract the virus, and the very, very small chance I will die from it in order to live my days to the fullest. Those that are fearful or full of angst should follow their fears and stay away from those that choose life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

I choose essential liberty over unfounded fear.

Unmask America!

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