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Wisdom For Every Man and Woman

Written By: richardwcraver - Jun• 15•20

I’ve remained silent, at least publicly…mostly, about my thoughts on the shutdown of the country in recent months due to the Wuhan virus.

Those who I interact with in daily life have heard my strong opinions; but I’ll spare you that.

A premise that has been rolling in my mind for awhile is the fact, and it is a fact, the Bible has wisdom and principles for every facet of our lives if we just look. From the Creation, to the Flood, to Sodom and Gomorrah, to Israel’s captivity in Egypt, to the times of the Kings, to the captivity in Babylon, to the Roman occupation, the time of Christ’s earthly ministry, death, resurrection and ascension and the New Testament age in which we live there is wisdom for every man and woman; we just have to read and know it.

So let’s look for an example of the Wuhan virus. In the Old Testament book of Levitus, in particular chapter 13 the condition and diagnosis of leprosy is addressed. In verses 45 and 46 the Israelites are instructed that the person with leprosy should live outside the camp, in our language today they would be quarantined. This is a prescription for infectious disease control.

It is important to notice that the one afflicted was to be quarantined, NOT the entire nation of Israel. And the afflicted were to cover the lower part of their face (their mouth), and warn others that they were ‘unclean’ lest others be infected. Hmm…face masks, sounds familiar doesn’t it.

It seems we the human race have gotten it half right but still backwards, and in doing so we have done tremendous harm to countries around the world.

In our enlightened, modern society it has become a badge of honor to go to work sick. One is viewed as a dedicated employee to keep working through sickness after all. A 24 hour over-the-counter cold and flu medication will keep one’s symptoms at bay so that they can keep working. It is said that in the US we ‘play at our worship, work at our play, and worship our work’. Apt words I think.

This is an example of how we have as a race gotten it wrong; what about us as individuals and families? What other principles and commands do we ignore to our own peril? Observe a Sabbath day of rest. Rear our children in the way they should go. Honor father and mother. Write His words upon our heart. The Ten Commandments. I could go on and on.

My challenge to you is to read the Bible, the Word of God; if nothing else read the Proverbs and Psalms. There is a wealth of wisdom and principles for a life well lived contained in it.

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