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Five Years Since Methuselah’s Passing

Written By: richardwcraver - Apr• 21•20

Google reminded me this morning that 5 years ago today I created an album called Wreck.

That morning Methuselah was taken out at the tender young age of 519,000 miles. He was getting rough looking, or developing character, but had a fresh engine that loved to run. If I had continued the Clemmons to Greensboro commute he would have topped over 750,000 by now.

But I’ve moved on to Gandalf the Gray who past 286,000 a few weeks ago. Gandalf is a good boy, but he consumes a bit more fuel than Methuselah. He is a portly fellow with the aerodynamics of a garage door, as such it takes a bit more fuel to shove all the air aside. But he goes like a scared cat in the snow, can pull a trailer, and still haul groceries. I hope to have him for a long time to come.

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