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I Got A 5 Day Ban On Reddit…For A Meme

Written By: richardwcraver - Feb• 23•20

I’ve been on social media over a decade and in chats and forums at least a decade before that. I’ve shared opinions, tried to have civil discussions, been flamed and made a few snarky comments about utter BS; but I’ve never drawn a strike. That all changed today, in a firearm friendly reddit!

I cross posted a meme in the r/ar15 reddit of a standard capacity, 30 round magazine loaded with pieces of plastic straws.

Apparently a moderator doesn’t want memes in the reddit. Maybe the mod doesn’t like PewDiePie, I could see that. My first reaction was not so pleasant. What the…?How the…? OK calm down, this is just social media. Being popular on social media is like sitting at the cool lunch table at the asylum.

OK… maybe the mod was right. Maybe it’s better to have serious discussions, ask questions, share knowledge and experiences without distorting the conversation with memes; hence my reply to the mods.

I still think the California plastic straws ban is BS, 30 round magazine bans are BS, and Ninja Turtles are fictional and cute, but nonetheless actually BS as well. So defending against ninja turtles with plastic straws from a standard capacity dispenser seemed logical and worthy of a chuckle.

But rules.

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  1. Sorie40 says:

    I get the joke. Made me chuckle

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