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Snow Day!

Written By: richardwcraver - Dec• 10•18

So the southeast got hit with wintry precipitation this weekend. We got around 11″ here with drifts to 19″. Not a big deal in the northern areas of the country, but a disaster in the south.

Thank you global warming, we could not have taken much more!

Fortunately it was mostly snow with a bit of freezing rain to top it off with a little crunch. We normally get ice storms, sleet and freezing rain. So this was a blessing. Sunday evening I got a text from work that the shop would be closed today. Encouraging as I currently work 26 miles from home.

So what to do with an unexpected day off? Reload!

I had recently done some load development for some .223 Remington bullets and had identified some accuracy nodes. So I went to the garage Sunday evening and loaded and packaged 150 rounds.

Monday I loaded another batch of 50, took a little nap and loaded another batch of 100; part were packaged for storage, the rest in special packaging which I shall not disclose at this time.

Update – The specially packaged batch was for a special someone that was getting a rifle for Christmas.

By spring I’ll be ready to make some noise. Roll’em cheap, Stack’em deep!

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