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My Alter Ego

Written By: richardwcraver - Jun• 30•18

This little blog is filled with some of the stuff that rolls around in my head, that occasionally comes out my finger tips. A hobby, an observation and sometimes a rant. One of my hobbies is reloading ammunition, it’s a mostly relaxing activity whether picking up spent brass at the range, cleaning and prepping brass or the actual reloading of ammunition.

Following one range visit I posted a video of myself foraging for brass as ‘The Range Squirrel‘, one of my co-workers picked it up and calls me by that moniker from time to time, and it’s kind of stuck. So that explains how I got the nickname, so about the alter ego. I have started posting some content over at The Reloaders Network  as, you guessed it, The Range Squirrel . It’s a great site for those interested in firearms in particular reloading and bullet casting. The members and content creators are a resourceful lot that enjoy their hobby and sport and want to share it with the masses. The Reloaders Network was formed after YouTube began banning certain Constitutionally protected content and taking down firearm and reloading channels. The network founder, Loads Of Bacon, set up the network so that content creators had a central place to congregate regardless of where they moved their video hosting. His explanation is here. The explanation of his moniker; any money saved reloading ones own ammo or casting ones own bullets is money best spent buying bacon. Mmmmm! Delicious meat candy!

So, that is how I became The Range Squirrel.

The Range Squirrel is happiest when he has a bucket in his paws and a range full of spent casings to be picked up for recycling; dirty or clean, it doesn’t matter. He will forage for spent brass until his knees can take it no more; then he returns to his den to clean, sort, swage, size, trim and shine them until they gleam like gold. He’s a nut but he’s harmless, and kinda cute too.

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