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The Not So Fun Part Of Reloading

Written By: richardwcraver - Apr• 23•18

On my last few range visits someone previous had converted a whole bunch of dollar bills into decibels. There was .223 brass strewn all about. Being the range squirrel I am, I made myself busy picking up brass until my knees screamed ‘Uncle’.

Back home I dumped the plunder in the tumbler with walnut shell media to remove the big dirt, started it and headed for the shower. Another evening I deprimed all of it, and put it back in the tumbler for a few hours with corncob media to make it shiny. One Saturday I sat down to lube and resize all the cases, then back in the corncob media to remove the case lube.

Then over the course of a couple evenings I reamed the military crimp from primer pockets.

Top is crimped, bottom is not.

This evening I sat down to trim the cases to a uniform 1.749″ length and deburring the outside and inside of the case mouths. I got through half a bucket before my hands began to cramp. I tossed the finished brass into the tumbler one last time for that beautiful shine before it gets squirreled away in a plastic bait bucket to await it’s turn being reloaded.

The time consuming fruits of my labor.

Trever Furlotte, host of Slamfire Radio Podcast in Canada and the Reloading Podcast in the US is fond of saying, “Brass prep sucks”. Yes it does, but reloading is fun and shooting is funner. It’ll all be worth it when I can sit down to crank on the press and box up my own little freedom seeds.

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