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Russian Collusion – Part 3

Written By: richardwcraver - Apr• 10•18

Well I got the high power hammer spring installed and went to the range, along with the correct magazines this time. I was hoping for an uneventful shooting experience. I had two dud rounds out of about 50 rounds shot (Cheap Wolf Military Classic fodder- $3.99/20rds), but other problems persisted.

I have not had a rifle length A2 stock rifle before, only adjustable carbine stocks which have a short buffer tube, different buffer weight and shorter spring. Pulling the charging handle to chamber a round was a hard pull. I had failures to strip off a fresh round from the magazine on the previous outing, and assumed it to be a function of using the incorrect magazines, but the failures persisted.

So I took the rifle to work, it’s a gun friendly place, and got a co-worker to take a gander at the buffer spring. Not expecting that much tension, the charging handle about flew out of his grip half way back. “Whoa! That’s definitely a strong one, it shouldn’t feel much different than a carbine.”

The best we can determine is I got a AR10 spring. The buffer tube is the same, the buffer weight is different from an AR15 and the spring is different. I did have the correct length buffer weight. Apparently my supplier or their vendor let me down. Other than choice of caliber this is still a pretty standard build.

So ….. another search around the interwebs as nobody locally had an A2 spring for sale. I know I’m the oddball, most people if they buy a fixed stock rifle, one of the first things they do is put an adjustable carbine stock on it. Leave it to me to build a firearm with wood furniture. So yesterday the correct spring arrived from Brownells. It is now installed and the charging handle pull weight is identical to my carbine stocked AR15.

Also last week the custom ejection port cover arrived and was installed.

So my collusion with the Russians seems complete. Only my next range trip will tell if it is a success. It’s sitting in the safe waiting for the weekend.

I’m really happy with the appearance. The Boyd’s Forest Camo laminate is beautiful in my opinion. My first rifle build started off to have wood furniture, but I ended up going with composite and aluminum, partly for cost savings and partly due to time constraints of time, wanting to have it finished in the event of a Hildebeast presidency.

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