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Russian Collusion – Part 2

Written By: richardwcraver - Mar• 26•18

Components began arriving and assembly began in earnest. All that was left was the stocks. I had decided this rifle would have wood furniture, but at last Friday afternoon UPS showed up with Forest Camo laminates from Boyd’s Gunstocks.

I got the furniture installed Friday night and went to Gander Saturday morning to find an inexpensive red dot site that is capable of within a MOD (Minute Of Deer) accuracy. Meanwhile my daughter called, she was bored, wanted something to do something. Let’s do this.

We went to the range and started her out on the .22 range with a Remington Nylon 66 that was my dad’s, it was the first gun I ever shot, and a Marlin 60. We went over safety precautions and she was handling things responsibly.

So we went down to the 100 yard range, there were a couple other people there and since we were not necessarily target shooting for accuracy, we went to the 300 yard High Power range which was unoccupied.

I started her out on a AR15 in .233. A surgeon could not have removed the grin from her face!

Then I took a couple test shoots with the AR47 before handing it off to her.

The giggle tells it all.

In my haste to get to the range I left the 7.62 magazines laying on the work bench. Duh! So magazine feeding was non-existent, we had to shoot single shot. Also I had some light primer strikes with the Tula ammo we were shooting. A high power hammer spring has been ordered, but I remain optimistic that this is going to be a fun budget shooter and capable hunter.

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