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Amazon Will Not Post My Product Review

Written By: richardwcraver - Mar• 15•18

I received a product that shipped with batteries, they were dead on arrival. I asked for replacement batteries, which seems more logical than returning a $12 item for replacement, shipping cost money you know.

Answer: No

So I submit a product review and it is declined. Screenshot below.

I just wanted good batteries, is that too much to ask?
They could have just credited me the $2.82 for the three batteries that I BOUGHT from THEM. The batteries are $5.99 each at the drugstore.


USPS delivered my 2 day package of 3 batteries that I ordered for $2.82 with Prime Shipping and the boresighter works. It’s such a simple thing, but Amazon would have rather shipped back the entire package and then shipped another package; paying shipping both ways, or shipped a pack of batteries ONCE.

This is just my rant, Amazon will likely never read this, and if they do I’ll be in violation of some obscure community guideline and be given the boot. (Just do it before I pay my next Prime membership. OK?) I am aware that Amazon breaks shippers over the proverbial barrel for preferential shipping rates, still it’s just the penny wise, pound foolishness of the thing; no wonder they are the largest online seller and have only started showing a profit in sales the last 3 years. Amazon Web Services is their saving grace.

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