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So Much For The Nap

Written By: richardwcraver - Jan• 18•18

The South-East got blanketed with snow the last two days, we got a whopping 7 inches, which is unusual as we usually get more ice. I’m pretty mobile, Gandalf the Gray got a new set of all-terrain sneakers about a month ago and boy do they work! However most of the area is at a standstill and work was called off yesterday and today. That’s fine, I don’t want to drive 26 miles in the snow to get to a garage with no customers or worse cars dripping melt water.

My wife’s workplace was closed as well, it’s a retail fabric store, and it’s not worth risking tearing up her truck to get there. So this afternoon we settled down for a much needed rest, and a nap.

Suddenly I was jarred from a deep slumber with the sound of….something. Snowplow? ATV? Dirtbike? Then thru the half moon window in the bedroom I saw a helicopter. Still groggy I’m thinking, “That bird is awful low. It’s the wrong time of year for the marijuana search choppers that make the rounds looking for grow areas.” It made a large circle around the neighbors cornfield, hovered above the field across the road then moved 100 feet over and landed in the entrance to the new subdivision across the road.

Once the blowing snow cleared away I realized it was the AirCare trauma chopper. My wife, now downstairs, is yelling that there is a firetruck parked sideways in the road. Going outside to be nosy, I looked the other direction and found the road blocked by another firetruck and it was being skirted by an ambulance.

The Air EMTs hopped in the ambulance and apparently spent a few minutes assessing the patient and being debriefed. Soon the patient was transferred to another gurney, wrapped in a ‘space blanket‘ and rolled to the waiting chopper. The turbines began spooling up, a fresh cloud of blowing snow and they were soon in the air heading in the direction of Wake Forest Medical Center.

My nap ruined pales compared to whatever situation put them on that chopper today. I may never know who was on-board or their outcome. We can only pray for a good outcome, and safety for all the firefighters, EMTs and air crews that have to be out in this mess.

UPDATE: A friend that is a Pediatric ER Nurse at Wake Forest University Medical Center told us the injured was a young boy whose arm had been severed in an ATV wreck. It was reattached and a good prognosis was expected.

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