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So I Made A Mistake

Written By: richardwcraver - Nov• 23•17

I sat down to load some .233 rifle ammo last week and everything went well, until I started cleaning up.

Normally I leave the powder container on the bench until I’m done, then dump the powder measure contents back into the container.

This time, I was case trimming immediately before loading. So I put the bottle back in the old refrigerator that I store components in, just to have a little less clutter. At the end of my reloading session I took the powder measure off the bench and dumped it into the bottle of pistol powder; big no-no.

In my own sorry defense, the containers look similar in a refrigerator in a poorly lighted garage. Both in black bottles with gray labels. Still my mistake, I’ve been reading since I was in elementary school.

Sigh. It wasn’t much….but it’s still contaminated. Nothing to do but pour it out on the ground and light it up. I understand it is a really good high nitrogen fertilizer, but nothing is growing this time of year.

Rather than get another pound of the same powder, I went looking for something that meters better. Power Pistol metered consistent charges, but clung to the power drop tube and scale pan. Wiping with dryer sheets did little to stop it from doing the static cling thing.

CFE Pistol powder coming soon. It has a slower burn rate and denser which should favor the heavier bullets that I am planning loads for, and ‘Copper Fouling Eraser’.

Stay tuned.

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