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First .223 Loads Fired

Written By: richardwcraver - Nov• 25•17

Three posts ago I was loading my first batch of .223 Remington. I went to the range Friday and the results look good.

I only loaded two charge weights, a bottom 1/3 and top 2/3 of published load data range.

The lower charge weight loads grouped very nicely for a low budget carbine. I would have preferred to shoot paper at 50 yards were my scope is zeroed, but there were three other shooters on the range and I didn’t want have to continuously ask for a cold range to check my target; so I shot at 25 yards where I could see the shots through binoculars without interrupting the other shooters. They appeared to be doing a 100 yard zero with a couple long range rifles, I was just punching paper. Respect the big dogs, I may need their advice later.

The heavier load seemed to scatter more, or maybe the barrel was heating up. Either way I’m satisfied, for now, with the light loads.

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