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Getting Loaded 2

Written By: richardwcraver - Oct• 31•17

After a second trip to the range and further review and contemplation I decided Lyman max load data didn’t work as well as I wanted.

The Lyman data dictated a 0.30″ shorter overall case length, which equates to higher pressures and velocities; although there have been no over-pressure signs. So back to the drawing board. I measured ogive to rifling case overall length by long seating a bullet in a dummy case and pressing it into the barrels of my pistols. This pushes the bullet into the case, which then the whole works is pushed back out of the chamber by a wooden dowel through the muzzle of the barrel and measured. My longest chamber is 1.175″, the shortest is 1.160″. So the Hornady recommended 1.100″ overall length will put the bullet ogive closer to the rifling without touching and causing excess pressure. Precision shooters are known to go with less; 0.015″ to 0.005″. So at 0.060″ to 0.075″ I’m not likely to blow my hands or face off. I dropped back to 6.0 grains (Middle of the road of the Hornady data) of Power Pistol and loaded a batch to test. I didn’t do a ladder load, probably should have, if they shoot clean and reasonably accurate, they will be OK for now.

.223 brass prep is completed, so I spent a bit of time tonight setting up dies and made a couple dummy cases. Crimping cases on cannelured bullets is going to require a deft touch. I unintentionally crimped two dummy cases so tight I could not remove the bullets with an inertia bullet puller.

It’s all good; listening to James McDonald, a cool evening cranking on the lever of the press in otherwise silence. But mostly keeping my mind engaged and stimulated by learning.

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