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A Rainy Gun Day

Written By: richardwcraver - Oct• 07•17

My wife is a quilter. Every year a group charters buses so a bunch of women and a few men can go on a ‘Shop Hop’ of quilts shops across central North Carolina. So I was left at home to my own devices today.

The plan was to mow the yard and/or go to the range. It started out as a heavy fog this morning, so I went to the gun shop and picked up some walnut hull media to tumble some brass later in the week to be reloaded. My reloading press and accessories are in transit from Iowa (via Chicago?!?) I hope Rahm Emanel doesn’t know what is in the boxes, they may get confiscated in Chitown.

Man rule, you never just go in the gun shop for one thing and leave. The place is alive with manliness; the sound of racking slides, shop banter, the smell of new camo and dust from old trade-in guns and the smell of machine oil on new ones. So I was in there about an hour soaking in the ambiance and drooling on the shinys.

On the way home with my jug of ground walnut shells, it begins to rain lightly. What a shame, I was so looking forward to mowing the yard! Actually I had more interest in going to the range when the fog lifted. The closer to home the more it rained, looks like it’s going to be brass prep day.

I started a load of 9mm range brass in the tumbler and went to mounting a set of 45° iron sights on a rifle, which necessitated moving scope rings. Moving scope rings means that I will need to re-zero the scope. Since it’s raining I won’t be going to the range for a proper zero, I can’t very well hang paper targets in the rain. So I laser bore sighted it against a tree in the front yard, that’ll get me on the paper on the first shot.

Now the first load of brass is shiny, so it’s off to the kitchen to wash the polishing compound off to begin to sort and cull. My eyes are tired and my neck stiff from examining cases under a light at the bench.

Old man nap time! I dumped the rest of the dirty brass in the tumbler and hit the recliner.

A couple hours later I had another pile of brass to wash and sort. Now it’s all sitting on the bench drying, waiting for the press to arrive.

My reloading bench has been a long time coming, I’m ready to get started cranking that lever.

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