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I Hate Cars, And People Are A Close Second

Written By: richardwcraver - Jul• 27•17

OK, so I really don’t HATE cars or people, but some days it seems an eventuality.

This mornings task was to install a catalytic converter on an Acura MDX. I had checked it out a few weeks ago recommend it’s replacement with the customer leaving saying she, “Would think about it.” She thought about it until it came time to have annual emissions inspection done.

The thing is, this vehicle has two catalytics, one on each bank of cylinders. Neither one is considered a gravy job. The rear is a back breaker working both overhead as well as arching the back to lean over the engine, knuckle cutter as a tech is working blindly in a confined space next to sharp metal heat shield. An up to date tetanus shot is required in this field.

The front bank would seem easier in that you can see what you are going after. But alas the front bumper, power steering cooler, air conditioning condenser, headlights and radiator have to be removed to gain working access.

Now about that radiator….that plastic tank is 14 years old, so yeah, things happen. So now the shop is in a pinch between the customer that is already in shock at the price of the catalytic, and the dreadful expectation of, “My radiator was OK when I brought it in.”

In all likelihood the shop will eat the radiator, and I, the tech, will feel the not so comfortable feeling from the front counter for a week or so.

So do I hate cars, and people are a close second? Let me get back to you on that.

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