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Written By: richardwcraver - May• 20•17

I spent day at Appleseed, going back tomorrow for the conclusion. No I’m not talking about burying old iPhones so that they can grow up as the next model.

The Appleseed Project –

What I went to was an event put on by the Revolutionary War Veterans Association, it’s a two-day marksmanship training and enlightenment of the Revolutionary War and our American heritage. 

Sadly I was among the first of public school students to be taught Social Studies, or as it has now become Socialism Studies, instead of History. Yeah we had a little bit of American History, maybe a week or two, but mostly we got the revisionist version of the kindly Indians teaching the Pilgrims to grow corn. As a K.O.O.K. (Keeper Of Odd Knowledge) it is always fascinating to hear dates and places pointed out on a map with a knowledgeable instructor to place things in perspective, to share the struggles and sacrifices made to establish this great nation.

I cannot begin to tell all we were taught today, so you will just need to click on the Appleseed logo above, go to the website and sign up for an event around the country.

Red Coat silhouettes​

I wish I could say these were the Red Coats I shot today, maybe tomorrow.

A few target stations.

The 25 yard berms

Another trainee’s Ruger 10/22 rifle.

The Ruger 10/22 is a very popular rifle for Appleseed. Very reliable, box magazine feed, an abundance of aftermarket parts to trick it out.

Marlin 60

I had to ‘run what I brung’. The Marlin 60 is reliable enough, but the tubular magazine is a pain on reload drills. The Marlin 795 is essentially a magazine fed model 60, neither are still in production, but a blue million were made by Marlin before the brand was acquired by Remington.   Correction – both the 60 and 795 as well as the model 70 are still produced.

Observant Lizard

In addition to the Range Safety Officers, a blue striped lizard kept a close watch over things.

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