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It’s Here, Let’s Get It Started

Written By: richardwcraver - Jan• 01•17

Well…another year I sometimes doubted I would see. 2016 was OK overall, but there was a lot of trials in this house. I thought I might plot some major events of the year, good and bad.

  • My wife’s full-time job went part-time, thanks to Obamacare.
  • I still have a job and some remote resemblance of liquidity.
  • I passed the half century mark, an age I never really expected to attain, but here I am, still going mostly strong.
  • My grand-daughter turned two and is as beautiful as ever; her mom is keeper too. I keep telling my daughter that she and her husband did a good job.
  • My 77 year old dad is fully recovered from heart surgery in late 2015, but is sadly descending into the cognitive impairment abyss.
  • A responsible adult is on his way to the White House.
  • The two cute kittens we adopted have grown into a beautiful young lady (Currently sleeping in my lap) and a handsome young man. The 13-year-old cat is still hanging in there, but I fear 2017 might be her undoing.
  • Our grand-son is 11 years old and growing like a weed.
  • I started a mid-December weight loss regimen and am down 10 lbs despite Christmas food temptation. Low Carb, High Fat, Ketogenic; it works!
  • I assembled a budget AR-15 from parts acquired a piece at a time since summer, it was a good experience, I’m sure I’ll do it again. I’ve had it out once, it functioned flawlessly and it is more accurate than my 50 year old eyes are with iron sights. I had never shot one before, it is a sweet shooting experience, now I know what all the fuss is about.
  • Now I want to build another in Sharps .25-45 and .300 Blackout. I understand why many AR owners unashamedly say they have Black Rifle Disease.
  • Did I mention that a responsible adult was on his way to the White House?
  • I got to sing a solo for the church Christmas program, you have to skip to 17:00 to hear my ugly mug, but watch the whole thing. I sang in a trio for a Christmas program several years ago and a few Wednesday night services, but this was a first for me in a bigger setting and a great privilege.

But as the new year begins I find myself staring new challenges in the face. The issues with my dad’s health and my mother-in-law was recently diagnosed with leukemia with a poor outlook. Her mom died from complications of the leukemia treatments as did my own mom.

I am looking forward to the change of presidency, I hope to see the economic picture improve to one of true health in the form of job creation and economic opportunities instead of the money printing, social programming and part-timing of the nation we have seen in the last several years of economic malaise. I lived the 1980’s and saw what happened when taxes were reduced and the American people got to keep, spend and invest their own money; the press decried it as Reaganomics, but it set in motion the longest non-war economic growth this country has ever experienced. Individuals always are wiser with their own money that government bureaucracy.

Beyond what we see now and the assumptions we make based on past experiences, we don’t know what the future holds. Will it be a year of sorrows? Or will it be a year of great personal victories? Maybe it will be a mix of both. I’m trusting the Lord with it, He has not failed me yet, regardless of what the nations do, He is still on the throne.

Let’s get this year started!

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