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The Idiot Whisperer – Part 2 (Counterpoint)

Written By: richardwcraver - Sep• 26•16

The day after my prior rant I got an example of what keeps my sanity in check at work. 


A Drop Off!

Yes, someone dropped of a car for a minor service! It was just a NC State Inspection, but it was a 14 year old car with 280,000 miles; it’s logical that there might be something that needed attention, and there was. Parts were not in stock at the shop, or the dealership, because 14 year old car; but when the customer was called she OK’d ordering parts and said she would drop it off at a later date and have a co-worker pick her up.

Thank you dear lady. You’ve restored my faith in humanity! Well, not quite that really, but a breath of fresh air.

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