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Car Audio Conundrums Revisited

Written By: richardwcraver - Feb• 02•16

Awhile back when I was still driving Methuselah I went through a period trying to get Bluetooth working with older technology so I could listen to podcasts during my commute. Ultimately I picked up a used JVC with Bluetooth from a co-worker and things got worked out nicely. With the passing of Methuselah I ended up with Gandalf. Gandalf has a nice enough radio with an factory amplifier, 7 speakers – 2 front, 2 rear, 2 tweeters and a small, but serviceable subwoofer and steering wheel controls. I have been remiss to tinker with it too much because ‘it just works’ which is important, and the radio, excuse me audio head unit, I want is out of my current ability to spend.

Bluetooth Receiver

I went back to improvising Bluetooth with a USB dongle plugged into the lighter socket, more correctly called a power port nowadays as ash trays have been replaced with cupholders. The other end of the dongle plugged into the dash mounted Aux In jack. Welcome back to alternator whine though not as bad.

Finally I had had enough and dug around in the box of stuff that I had salvaged from Methuselah before he was carried away. I still had the JVC unit, found a late model harness pigtail, a late model XM antenna adapter and at home I had an RCA cable that I could cut and splice to feed the Honda onboard amp with pre-amp levels. I only lost the subwoofer, but honestly I seldom  never have the urge to sit at a stoplight going boom-chicka-chicka, boom-chicka-chicka. A Element bezel kit was purchased from Amazon, the microphone for the handsfree phone is installed and all is mostly well with the world again.

My next step is a Steering Wheel control adapter so I can change audio sources, volumes and such with both hands on the wheel.

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