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Spandex Cyclists And Canadian Geese

Written By: richardwcraver - Sep• 26•15

Before I get started there will be some that will write me off as a bitter, cynical,  hateful anal orifice; I’m not….really, but the reader is entitled to their wrong opinion.

For many years I have had a burr in my saddle for spandex cyclists, not people that enjoy riding a bike for legitimate exercise mind you, I’m speaking of spandex clad, logo wearing Lance Armstrong wannabes. I’m speaking of the ones that either ride 2 or 3 abreast so that they cannot be passed safely, or ride 12 deep single file such that they cannot be safely passed. Also the ones that blow through stop signs so that they don’t break their rhythm, and make a general nuisance of themselves.
Having lived in and around the Clemmons and Lewisville area for many years I have become accustomed to them, but I have developed no tolerance to them, they are still a nuisance and a good majority seem to be traffic scoff-laws. I have written to the Forsyth County Sherriff’s Office asking that the Clemmons officers enforce cyclist traffic as they do for motorist traffic, which by the way cyclists are required by law to obey the same ‘rules of the road’ regarding stop signs and signals as well as laws regarding being overtaken by faster vehicles; I have to date not received a reply from the FCSO. So apparently traffic laws are selectively enforced…..apparently.
So what does my burr in the saddle have to do with Canadian Geese? Doubtless I’m not the only person that has been riding in a Clemmons neighborhood and come face to face with a gaggle of geese that refuse to leave the road or more likely take their sweet time leaving but turn to glare, honk and hiss at me. I would gladly shoot and pluck them for Sunday dinner; the Geese that is, I have no desire to eat a cyclist. Ewwwwww! But alas the geese are a protected species regardless of how many there are and how much they crap in the streets and parking lots. They are a selectively protected nuisance like the spandex cyclists.
Last weekend’s Tour To Tanglewood which supports MS research, a good cause by the way, however the event is disruptive to Davidson, Davie and Forsyth motorists and property owners for the entire weekend. Likewise in the name of Environmental Protection businesses, churches, schools and any other build of size is required to have storm water retention ponds to breed mosquitoes prevent rain from going into waterways. These ponds encourage the Geese to flock into devloped area to eat mosquitoes, breed and leave their ‘marks’ on said property.
Like the spandex cyclists, if you blow your horn they squawk and hiss as if you were the cause of all the trouble. By the way, the course marker signs are still at each corner along the route along with the markers painted on the roads. Hmmm….droppings.
The inmates are truly running the asylum.

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