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Sam Arrived

Written By: richardwcraver - Sep• 16•15

Wow! It’s been a month, time flies when you’re having fun or not. Sam arrived, my local FFL handled the transfer and the next day I cleaned it and put a hundred rounds down the pipe, all without incident.

Apparently Sam was not a carry gun, but rather stayed in the safe all the time. He had the musty smell of old papers and mildew, though not a spec of rust or mildew was found. I did a complete cleaning from the slide to the grip, disassembled the magazines and made them spotless with just a light coat of CLP to prevent rust and hopefully not attract too much dust. All the action parts where cleaned with mineral spirits, dried with compressed air, sprayed with WD40 and blown dry, then the contact points given just a smear of CLP with the bottle straw.

Some folks absolutely balk at WD40 on guns as it is not a ‘proper’ lubricant, and that argument has merit; it’s a poor lubricant, but very good ‘water dispersant’. It dries and leaves just enough film to prevent rust and other oxidation; and the odor dissipates quickly. CLP on the other hand is a very good lubricant and is used sparingly.

Sam is a carry gun, not a range gun. The Double Action Only trigger can be coaxed into firing very accurately with patience. But as a defensive carry I like that it is heavy and deliberate.

I still have my eye on a Sig SP2022 DA/SA though.

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