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Waiting On Sam (the Sig), And Gun Buying Myths

Written By: richardwcraver - Aug• 16•15

After many months of browsing the manufacturer sites and auction sites, I finally parted with some $$’s for a quality used firearm, a Sig P250.  Even then it is a price, features, value compromise as all things come down to. I think I will call this one Sam, it is one of the poor man’s Sigs; if I ever have funds to buy a classic P226 variant I’ll reserve the name Sigmund for it.

I got the notion of naming guns from The Yankee Marshall‘s YouTube channel (Adult Humor Alert), he has a Glock named Gary. Gary is an independent, rebellious polymer troublemaker.

So now the waiting begins, like the Amazon meme where the guy is sitting at this door waiting for the delivery.

Waiting For Sam

Waiting For Sam

You’ve probably been told by the media that there are websites where nut jobs can buy firearms online and have them shipped to their door; don’t believe everything you’ve heard. Yes the sales transaction originates online, just like any other e-commerce transaction, but the transfer of the firearm is strictly between FFLs, Federal Firearms Licensees.

I made the purchase agreement on a firearms auction site, the Seller and I corresponded, I paid with Certified Funds, sent by US Postal Service to the selling FFL, who will ship the actual item by US Postal Priority Mail or FedEx Overnight to a receiving local FFL who will verify my Concealed Handgun License and perform my background check through the NC Department of Justice facility, and once the I’s are dotted and T’s crossed, do the actual delivery. Specifically firearms may only transit the carriers from FFL to FFL, arms shipped by non-FFLs are confiscated. It’s really a very elaborate system that works surprisingly well since it is overseen by government bureaucrats throughout the entire process.

The seller hopefully has my funds in hand tomorrow, and hopefuly ships right away, then my FFL has to be available to take receipt; I hope he isn’t at lunch when the mail carrier arrives. Then I have to arrange to get away from work to the FFL, while he is in ….. waiting stinks.

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