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Nasty Cars

Written By: richardwcraver - Jul• 16•15

I admit I don’t keep a spotless vehicle. Even in High School when others were washing, waxing, vacuuming and applying Armor-All and Westley’s Tire Gloss; if my car didn’t have bird droppings on it and the white letters were reasonably clean I was OK.  But some of the cars that come through the doors of the shops I’ve worked at… nasty.

Why is it that on a hot day some comes in with floorboards full to seat level, cola spilled in the console and become panicked that lighter socket is loose in the console? All the stuff has to be emptied out of the console, the cola syrup glued console cover has to be pried off carefully, because God forbid you crack it; then the lighter outlet is reattached, gooey parts re-installed and the driver warned about pulling straight out when removing their cell charger cord to prevent recurrence. They leave thinking, “Don’t they think I know how to use a charger cord?” “Why did they charge me $50 to tighten that doo-hickey? Meanwhile the tech is still in the back scrubbing goo from his hands, really wishing for a hot soapy shower.

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