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Why Did You Leave So Soon?

Written By: richardwcraver - Apr• 29•15

You belonged to someone else when we first met. The two of you shared many long hours traveling and seeing the world. At first I only knew you from afar, but as time carried on we got to know each other more intimately. Then the two of you split. It had been a long happy relationship with few problems, but ultimately it was time. Then you and I got together.

We were only together for five short years, but it seems we had known each other forever. The years had taken their toll, but I spent time, energy and money to bring you back. Though your body was ravaged by time, your soul was intact and as vibrant as ever! You were complete.

But then, last week, you were suddenly snatched away from me. In the blink of an eye, in a cloud of smoke and and splash of red. Gone.

2015-04-21 07.34.36

2015-04-21 07.34.29

You thought I was talking about a woman didn’t you? Ha! No, I was talking about my faithful Accord. We first met when she belonged to a customer at the shop I used to work at. I guess I call it a she as it was owned by a young lady for about 15 years. She drove from Yadkinville to US Air in Charlotte for a number of years and rolled up an already impressive 401,000 miles before the transmission failed. During those years her previous owner did all the routine Honda maintenance, every 7,500 service, every 15,000 mile service and every 30,000 mile service with oil changes in between. The old Honda maintenance plan, not the new dumbed down plan where oil gets changed every 7,000-10,000 miles and transmission service every decade or so. Good maintenance pays dividends, slowly, over many trouble-free years.

2015-04-21 09.31.20

When the transmission quit she decided to move on with an Acura TL, so I bought the Accord, repaired the transmission, replaced the timing belt and some other miscellaneous repairs and drove it until 450,000 when I rebuilt the engine that was beginning to use oil. And off we went for the next 69,000 miles.

The paint was getting rough as 23 years of exposure can do to a car. Although I have no first hand experience with paint and body repair, I had bought a spray gun and masking tape and had a plan to buy the other materials like sand paper, primer, paint, thinner, tack cloths, etc. to paint it.  I know some body shop guys, it can’t be that hard! No actually it is very hard, thankless, hazardous work in an industry ruined by insurance companies. That’s why I don’t want to do it for a living.

Speaking of which, I am waiting to see what I will get from the collision settlement and meanwhile looking for a vehicle; Honda of course.

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  2. kaylanmarie says:

    Great article!! Sad but good

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