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No “L”? No Christ?

Written By: richardwcraver - Dec• 08•14

We have a clock radio in our bedroom that stays on WBFJ. I am not a morning person, I don’t wake up well, so it will play for awhile as I am in slumber trying to summon the will to get the day started. This morning they were playing a mix of the current Contemporary Christian music and light Christmas standards.

The song Noel was playing, and I recalled an old joke about the 25 letter alphabet that had no L. Notice I didn’t say it was a good joke. This got me thinking about all the things that would not be the same without the L. At the mall there would be moving staircases called escaators, and moving boxes called eevators, and it wouldn’t be the mall, it would be the ma? Can you imagine going to the ma with your ma. And people’s names; my wife for example would be JuiAnn, my daughter would be Kayanmarie Oivia, my grand-daughter would be Breeyn Eizabeth, my dad would be Genn and his wife Thema. What a difference a single letter removed from the alphabet makes.

No El

No El

OK, so this is cyclical thinking that only occurs to a drowsy person in the pre-dawn hours, but here is were it comes together. Just as losing one letter from the alphabet would change our whole way of communicating and speaking, losing one person can change our whole way of living…and dying. If Christ had not come to earth as he did, the entire of world history would certainly be different, but eternity would also be drastically different. Some would point out that the Crusades would not have happened had not Christ come into the world, that misguided people would not have committed atrocities in the name of religion. Maybe, but misguided people have committed tremendous atrocities through the centuries to gain fame, wealth and power under the guise of betterment of the human race or an ideological system; those are the works of mankind, I’m talking now of the work of the God-man, Christ visiting the earth in human flesh.

The Bible tells us he became flesh, lived among us without sin and died a substitutionary death to pay a sin debt we could not pay. Without him there would be no hope for us beyond this present world. Our deaths would not end us; our soul, the part that makes you and I who we are outlasts the body, but it will be judged for the works done in the flesh, in a place of reward known as heaven or in a place of punishment known as hell. And yes, those that committed horrible acts thinking they were doing God’s work in the Crusades will answer for them. So will eugenicists, which in modern times was first promoted in the US by sterilization of the ‘unfit’ as defined by those in power of the day, and expanded to ethnic killings famously by Germany and numerous regimes. All will answer for their deeds.

But there is room for repentance, turning from known sin, this is found in Christ Jesus’s substitutionary death providing the payment for our sins. That is the real reason Christ became flesh. Not to heal lepers, not to give sight to the blind, not the heal the deaf and mute; he came to heal sin-sickness which leads to death and destruction. The Bible tells us that whoever calls upon the name of Jesus in repentance will be saved. Christ Jesus made a world of difference. We could live a lifetime without the letter L and our eternity would be unchanged, but a lifetime without Christ would be tragic.

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