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Life’s Journey Takes A Fresh Step

Written By: richardwcraver - Oct• 11•14

This thing called life is an interesting journey. At times it seems to fly by so fast, and at others it seems to drag on forever. This weekend is one of those reminders of how fast it can move by. This afternoon my sister is hosting a baby shower for my daughter who is expecting in November. Yes, my baby is having a baby, it doesn’t seem right, but at the same time it is to be perfectly expected.

Baby Guarro

Around this time 21 years ago there was a baby shower for her mom as we awaited the arrival of Kaylanmarie. Twenty-one years! Two decades! A fifth of a century! Where oh where has time gone? It only seems like a few years ago that Kaylanmarie was a little bundle of reflux and lactose intolerant joy that had to be fed slowly a 4 oz bottle, rocked and burped for 30 minutes and fed a second 4 oz bottle. This was totally against her desire to consume a full 8 oz bottle that she was hungry for, and then promptly spew half of it back up. It seemed forever until she outgrew reflux and became lactose tolerant, those are the days that seemed to drag on forever, and now I realize that they were just a fleeting year and a half or two of her life’s journey.

She soon developed her own distinct personality, smart and often impatient. Once she learned enough about something, and she was always inquisitive, she was ready to move on to something else more interesting. There were years of cheer leading which suited her well, she constantly was busting a cheer or singing a song almost subconsciously as she went about life. Those were fun times. Then her mother left, we divorced, and things became weird.

Me & Kalyanmarie

In October last year she and her husband, Brien, were married and life began changing for her, partially on her terms, wholly on their terms. Now my daughter’s life journey will change yet again, this time she is carrying a small precious life, in her body for a time, in her arms for a time, in her heart always.

Life is a precious gift, really. Sometimes when things are rough or hurts it doesn’t seem like it very much, but it is a gift from God. We humans can procreate life in a biological manner, but God is the creator of life. We can grown tissues in the laboratory and graft them into a living body, but even if we could duplicate a complete body in the laboratory we could never breath life into it.

Doctors and scientists can save life by restarting a stopped heart or re-syncing a fibrillating heart, but can never recreate life once it has passed. They can alter the mind with drugs and brainwashing techniques, but can never recreate the intellect, wit or personality in a body once life has passed from it.

Now my daughter and her husband will have the opportunity to grow and shape a tiny life from infancy to adulthood. Sometimes they will fail as her mom and I did, but I believe they will succeed in that partnership to form a little person into a grown person with God’s help. They don’t know how at this point anymore than I did 21 years ago, but they will. Their lives will be forevermore changed, quickly and slowly, all at the same time. That too is a gift to be embraced and cherished.

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