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Filling The Silence

Written By: richardwcraver - Jul• 19•14

For many years I have had Pastors and Teachers talk of the importance of having a quiet time. A time of Bible study, prayer and listening for the Lord to speak. Like most busy people in this age I find that very difficult. However when I changed jobs two months ago and found driving to Greensboro I determined that the 35 minutes of my morning drive would not be wasted time or spent listening to the goings ons of the world on the radio. I decided to spend my drive time listening to the Bible from the app on my Android phone.

I decided that in the morning I would only listen to the Bible app, the evening travel would be for audiobooks and podcasts. Although I did listen to Experiencing God by Henry Blackaby during two weeks of morning drive time. The point is I let the Word of God set the tone for the day. The effect has been quite calming. Those that know me well know that although mostly quiet, I am intense in my scrutiny of life, politics and world events. I’m analytical, not emotional in most of my life passions. It gets me mistaken for being a big rectal orifice at times; I know this, it bothers me, but I can live with being misunderstood rather than giving up everything I’m passionate about.

Where I’m heading with this is that when on the interstate, if I have my radio turned up loud enough to clearly hear the audio being fed into my radio’s auxiliary input, I can hear the whirring of the alternator and a whistling noise when the radiator cooling fans cycle on. If I unplug my charger cord the noise goes away. But since I am also running the Waze app to keep an eye out for traffic problems and Smokey Bear, the charger cord stays plugged in.

What I found interesting is that as soon as the Bible, Podcast Republic or Overdrive Media app goes to play mode, even before the audio starts, the whirring and whistling goes away. The thought came to me, isn’t that how the world works? God has many treasures hidden away in His Word, if we will only set aside the noise of the world long enough to be still, read and listen to His Spirit. An absence of a real signal allows undesirable interference to manifest itself. Satan is very good at making noise, very good at keeping our minds on other things…..anything to keep us occupied with the world and not in tune with God. Maybe it’s a radio station playing ‘love songs’ that are actually cheating songs making you unhappy in your marriage. Maybe it’s a sportscaster hyping the latest game or the latest player trade. Maybe it’s a politician telling you how he’s made the world a safer place with his policies yet missiles are raining down on Israel.

You know what it is that distracts you from what’s real, Satan does too. Satan will fill your mind with garbage if you let him. He will blind your eyes with shiny, alluring things if you allow it. He will harden your heart with deceit and unrest if you ignore what is real.

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