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Archie Bunker, Cain and Abel, and Diane Feinstein. Really.

Written By: richardwcraver - Apr• 21•13

From 1971 thru 1979 CBS television aired “All In The Family” which later became “Archie Bunker’s Place” which aired until 1983. It portrayed the fictional Bunker family from Astoria, New York; and it’s lead character was Archie Bunker played by Carroll O’Connor. It was a controversial show for the time, and I suppose still is, with Archie’s character being seen as a bigot by some and as a man true to his convictions by others. His daughter, Gloria, and her husband, Mike ‘Meathead’, lived with Archie and his wife, Edith. Gloria and Mike were stereotypical of the “hippie generation” and Archie was a product of “The Greatest Generation” that fought the World Wars and Korean War, so household conflict was inevitable.

One particular episode I remember involved Mrs Meathead in her whiny voice arguing for gun control or rather gun elimination, to stop gang violence. Archie in his usual New Yorker tongue says, “Whaddya want little gurl? You want ‘em to kill each other with rocks?” Why I still remember that scene all these years later is a mystery in itself, but it strikes the chord, violent people will always commit violent acts, regardless of the tools they have at hand.
The first known murder, Genesis 4:1-8, was not committed using a firearm, and probably not with knife as metallurgy had not yet been discovered. Most likely Cain killed his brother, Abel, with a rock, club or sharpened stick of some sort; we really don’t know.
Murder from the beginning has been caused by one thing, evil and evil people. I’ll grant you that firearms make it easier, and a bit less personal because death can be delivered from some distance away instead of face to face. However just like any of the tools I use at work, a firearm is a tool that can be used properly for defense, or used improperly for evil. The screwdriver that I use to repair components on a car can be misused as a prybar, used for defensive purposes if I’m attacked, or used in an evil manner to attack someone else; it’s use is determined solely by the intent of the person holding it.

Firearms in the Second Amendment context are necessary for the defense of freedom and liberty. We are taught in our school ‘social studies’ classes (I emphasize ‘social studies’ as opposed to history which is not taught today) that our government is a three-way system of checks and balances formed of the Administrative branch, Congressional branch and the Judiciary branch. Each has power to check and balance the actions of the other. The founding fathers realized that this may not be enough to insure liberty, so the Second Amendment was established and ratified by the people by the process laid out in the Constitution. In my opinion the Second Amendment is the 4th and ultimate check and balance of power, the option should it be required to re-establish our government in the event the one in place becomes oppressive or tyrannical as Britain had become to the founders. Simply, the Second Amendment is not about hunting deer. It IS about responsibility, for the government and for it’s citizens. We know firearms can be used for evil by evil people, we saw that happen in Germany and the Soviet Union; or at least those that studied history know that. But they can also be used as a deterrent against an out of control government; that has happened historically also. They can be used for personal and home defense, that has played out many, many times.

So think about that, if the citizens are stripped of the right to bear arms as the political left in our country would like, how would we redress wrongs if the government held all the armaments? What would we use to defend ourselves in a home invasion? Criminals, and the government, will still have firearms I assure you.

Would you use rocks?

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