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Are You Ready For The Second Super Bowl Of 2013?

Written By: richardwcraver - Mar• 30•13

Not quite two months ago Super Bowl XLVII  was played in New Orleans, Louisiana.  I don’t understand why they insist on using Roman numerals, the Roman Empire fell in 476 AD, but there it is. On the field were the Baltimore Ravens and the San Francisco 49′ers, the game resulted in a win for the Baltimore Ravens. The details and the results are in the history books of the National Football League.

In the Christian world-view we celebrate the Super Bowl of the ages this weekend. It was played out approximately 2014 years ago in Jerusalem, Israel. The results have been forever sealed in the history of time immortal.

The Christian Super Bowl I am speaking of is the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus, who is call Christ, Easter. There have been many spectacular sporting events through the ages; last second plays to decide a contest, photo finishes at horse races, three wide fender rubbing skirmishes to the checkered flag. All have at the time been “the” most important thing in the world to the participant, and likely to many spectators.

I am not particularly a sports fan, but my co-worker Clint is. So I hear the daily banter of ESPN radio and all the ‘talking heads’ trying to express in many lofty words the reasons why their player, team pick or other position of controversy is superior to the opposing talking head’s rostrum.

But the events of the week of Easter stands as a dividing line for the ages. Many civilizations have risen and fallen since God created earth and it’s inhabitants. There have been many great and not so great world leaders that have stepped on the scene. In the brief time that their flame shined so brightly, many even thought themselves as gods. After all, they were all-powerful, they commanded legions of troops, they held the power of death in their hands to be used as they saw fit; whether to solidify their hold on the allegiance of the people, or to dispose of their opponents.

But only one champion is recorded in history to hold the power of life in his hands; that champion is Jesus. All that came before, came only to steal, kill and destroy,  John 10:7-10, Christ came to give life.

God and the forces of evil met in Jerusalem that Passover week so many years ago. Jesus entered the city to the cheers of adoring throngs shouting hosanna, which means ‘save’. They thought he was arriving to overturn the rule of the Roman Empire over Jerusalem. They had been waiting for a conquering king to bring them from political oppression. They didn’t know he was to save them and generations to come from sin’s oppression and eternal death.

The only way he could conquer sin and death is to take on himself our sin, and die to pay the price for our sin. Once dead, you might think it was over, but no. God resurrected him three days later as Jesus had predicted, and he was seen of many witnesses.

The resurrection is the key! Only  a Savior that has been resurrected and lives eternally can be believed to resurrect our souls and change our earthly bodies to glorified bodies to live eternally as he lives eternally.

There is so much more that can be said, and so much I have left out; but here is the point, only a death conquering King can give life. Mankind cannot create life. We can procreate, by bringing together a male and female in intercourse to conceive a child, but even then we cannot give back life to a still-born child. Life is not ours to give, God holds the keys to life.

So, whose jersey are you wearing this Easter? Are you wearing the jersey of Satan that comes to kill and destroy, and who will in short order destroy you? Or are you wearing the jersey of Jesus the Christ, who can to give life and to give it abundantly? John 10:10.

Think about that, and find the church of your choice to attend this weekend.

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