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Tempered Like Pizza Dough

Written By: richardwcraver - Nov• 10•12

I have been a fan of Dr Tony Evans for quite sometime now. Recently I have had to take a second job to make ends meet and to support the millions that are too sorry to work. But that is a different story for a different time with a different message. One of the perks of driving around town at night is that I have the opportunity to listen to Dr Tony Evans, Dr Charles Stanley and other teacher/preachers whose names escape me at the moment, without the distractions I have at my day job. I’m tired from working all the time, but it is somewhat therapeutic.
Recently Dr Evans has been teaching a series about being ‘Single And Satisfied’. It is primarily addressed to unmarried people, but like everything else from God’s word, it applies to all of God’s children.


I get bits and pieces because I am in and out of the car a number of times during the program. But here are a couple thoughts that struck me.

At one point Tony was addressing the women by illustration, but all singles as a whole. He was stressing that as a single believer we  need to spend time in the Word and in prayer seeking God. As we do that He is making and shaping us to be what He designed us to be. Too many people spend their entire lives trying to ‘find themselves’, instead of asking God what He, our Creator, who knew us before the foundation of the world wants us to be.

As I said, he was addressing the women, and said, ‘You can spend all your time looking for Mr Right, and when you find him, you are Miss Wrong’. Think about that! God has the perfect mate for you, but if you do not become the person God wants you to be, God cannot bring you and the perfect mate together, because you would not be a proper match. And it’s not just the women, it’s the men too.  A guy may see what he thinks is Miss Right, but he himself is Mr Wrong. Wow! God gave us free will to choose to love and serve Him, and He has a plan that is best for us, but we have to surrender to His plan.

Ironically I was delivering pizza and Dr Evans gave the example of going to a ‘real’ pizzeria, one of those with ‘real’ Italians in the kitchen beating the dough on the counter, rolling it out, folding it and beating it some more before rolling it out, and spinning it around for what seems to have no reason. All the while you are thinking to yourself, ‘Go ahead and put the sauce, the cheese and the toppings on it,throw it in the oven.’ The anticipation is almost painful, you see others enjoying their pizzas, the sights, the aromas and the happy conversations around the restaurant; but the pizza maker is there pounding and spinning your pizza like he has nothing better to do. Actually he is doing the best thing he can do, he is preparing the dough for the toppings. It’s a process called tempering, a similar process happens in steel mills where newly poured steel goes through a rolling, folding, stamping and heating process to temper it so that it will not be fragile. The pizza maker is doing the same with the dough. By tempering it, the finished pizza will be light and crisp, it will be slightly chewy, but not rubbery. Without tempering the dough will be flat, hard, and have empty pockets of burned crust where some parts rose and others did not. By contrast, do you want a marriage that is boring, hard and empty? I didn’t think so.

As a Christian single in particular, and as a child of God in general, you are going through a tempering process much like the dough. At the time you may feel like you are being punched and run over like the dough, but you are being prepared.  God’s preparation is a journey, not a season in time. So when things aren’t going your way, in fact they seem to be going wrong, first make sure you are walking after God’s will. Too many times I know I have suffered because I was not in His will. If you are regular in studying His Word and in prayer with Him, and going through trials, it may be that you are being tempered for a great blessing.

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