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Pfizer Vaccine Causes Kidney Stones

Written By: richardwcraver - Apr• 19•21

Yes that’s right, the Pfizer vaccine causes kidney stones. How can I make such a claim? Empirical data!


9mm Auto Breechlock Pro For Sale With Dies And Additional Accessories

Written By: richardwcraver - Feb• 12•21

I purchased this entry level Lee progressive reloading press less than a year ago. Like all Lee products is a great value at it’s price point and should give years of service. I prefer to hand prime off the press, still once the setup is tweaked I can hand prime and load 120 rounds of 9mm per hour with already prepped brass. If you are just basic reloading you can de-prime and re-prime on the press and match that rate or better. I’m just OCD about pretty shiny brass so I universal de-prime, wet tumble and dry before loading.

There is a video below of it in action with a powder check alarm installed. They are currently listed for $280 plus shipping at MidwayUsa; but are out of stock, no backorder.

If it’s so great why do I want to sell it? I currently load 4 calibers, with each change over requires tweaking to get things running smoothly again which is time consuming; I also only have room for one press at a time in my reloading area. So I have purchased a Lyman 8 station turret press and a second turret head; that will allow me to have dies for two calibers on each turret head that I can leave setup and simply swap turrets and adjust a powder measure and verify my cartridge overall length.

I am selling the press with a 4 piece Lee 9mm die-set (Deprime/Carbide Resizing Die, Powder Through Expander Die, Seat/Crimp Combo Die, Factory Crimp Die) and AutoDrum powder measure as pictured in the video with some additional items: case collator, Lee hand primer and shell holders, additional Breechlock bushings, shellplate for .222, .223 and .380, one 3D printed die which works well, two 223 3D printed dies which I have not used, Lee Safety Scale and a Double Alpha Academy Magnetic Powder Check.

The Double Alpha Academy Magnetic Powder Check prevents squib loads due to uncharged cases when you get so caught up watching loaded rounds drop in the finished bin that you don’t realize the powder measure ran empty, or a double charge by accidentally double stroking the ram. Either can be a catastrophic mistake. It sells for $59.95 plus shipping.

I am offering it at a firm $250. I can be contacted at 336-577-2771 (Leave a message M-F, I work in a production environment and can’t take calls at work.) or email

Visit The Reloader’s Network for a lot of reloading, bullet casting, and shooting videos. I have a couple dozen posts about my learning curve; failures and successes. There is also a great community on Discord.

The Auto BreechLock Pro (ABLP)
Number 19 shell plate for the 9mm Luger, 38 ACP, 40S&W
Number 4 shell plate for 17 Rem, 204 Ruger, 221 Fireball, 222 Rem, 223 Rem
Lee Safety Prime
Lee Hand Primer with shell holders.
1-9mm and 2-223 3D printed bullet feeders.
Additional BreechLock bushings and a 3D printed 223 case pusher.
Powder Check Alarm, IMHO no progressive press should be without.
The Lee Safety Powder scale. A bit slow to dampen, but very sensitive and repeatable.

Stick A Fork In It, It’s Done

Written By: richardwcraver - Jan• 07•21

The United States has ceased to exist. It’s done, gone; go ahead, wipe and flush.


The Wuhan Flu Arrived Here

Written By: richardwcraver - Dec• 14•20

The Wuhan flu finally arrived at our house. And yes I know it’s not an influenza, but it did come from Wuhan China and I’ll call it what I want. (more…)

It’s 2000 All Over Again

Written By: richardwcraver - Nov• 21•20

People my daughter’s age will scarcely remember the election debacle of 2000 when Al Gore challenged the vote count in Florida. What ensued was two months of partial recounts and haggling over the punches, called chads, on ballots. (more…)

I Choose Essential Liberty

Written By: richardwcraver - Aug• 17•20

How much longer can states hold their citizens captive until something explodes?


Wisdom For Every Man and Woman

Written By: richardwcraver - Jun• 15•20

I’ve remained silent, at least publicly…mostly, about my thoughts on the shutdown of the country in recent months due to the Wuhan virus.


Five Years Since Methuselah’s Passing

Written By: richardwcraver - Apr• 21•20

Google reminded me this morning that 5 years ago today I created an album called Wreck.


It Finally Happened

Written By: richardwcraver - Apr• 19•20

Up until this week of the Wuhan saga, I’ve managed to keep working. We all got a nervous feeling last Monday when a co-worker in the next department called out with 102°F fever.


The World Has Gone Crazy

Written By: richardwcraver - Mar• 23•20

Coronavirus is spreading and the world has lost it’s collective mind.