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NC Weather

Written By: richardwcraver - Jan• 12•17

In my last post I ended with the North Carolina weather mantra, “If you don’t like the weather, wait 24 hours”. Here we are 4 days later, it’s 69F all the snow is gone except piles in the corners of parking lots pushed up by plow trucks, Bobcats and tractors.

So I missed by 72 hours. So what?

Snow In The South

Written By: richardwcraver - Jan• 08•17

As a kid I loved snow; days out of school, sledding and throwing snowballs would ensue. Nowadays, well not so much. Unfortunately in our part of North Carolina we don’t get just snow, we usually get ice with the bargain. This weekend on the other hand is snow, powdery, fluffy and 7 inches; a whole lot of it, at least for North Carolina. (more…)

It’s Here, Let’s Get It Started

Written By: richardwcraver - Jan• 01•17

Well…another year I sometimes doubted I would see. 2016 was OK overall, but there was a lot of trials in this house. I thought I might plot some major events of the year, good and bad.


The Idiot Whisperer – Part 3

Written By: richardwcraver - Sep• 30•16

I’m impatient, it’s no secret. Most of my life is being on a mission of some sort and I’m continually frustrated by hindrances to my progress. I attribute much of this to the way I work, I’m strictly commission paid. If I don’t produce I don’t get paid. I quickly became my own efficiency authority, and have little tolerance for idiocity. Driving is one of those areas however where I have learned to mostly temper my lust for speed and operate in ‘why can’t we get along?’ mode, it’s just the most efficient way to get things done. (more…)

The Idiot Whisperer – Part 2 (Counterpoint)

Written By: richardwcraver - Sep• 26•16

The day after my prior rant I got an example of what keeps my sanity in check at work.  (more…)

Grace Clays – Sporting Clays Event

Written By: richardwcraver - Sep• 24•16

So, I had the privilege to take part in a sporting clays event today to benefit Grace Baptist Bible College in Winston-Salem. Grace Baptist Bible College was formed in August of 2009 and the campus resides on the property of Marshall Baptist Church in Winston-Salem. (more…)

The Idiot Whisperer – Part 1

Written By: richardwcraver - Sep• 21•16

Not all customers in an auto repair shop are idiots. Actually some are nice, pleasant people that simply want to maintain their vehicles and move on with life. Then there are the others. (more…)

I Am Not That Richard Craver

Written By: richardwcraver - Aug• 24•16

From time to time I will get in a strained conversation with someone that seems to be pumping me for some bit of information.  Like they ‘know’ something.

There is another Richard Wayne Craver in the area, King, NC to be exact, although he did live in Winston-Salem for a period of time. It appears he has over the last 10 to 15 years had ongoing difficulties living as a polite member of society. Google the name and Forsyth county, Surry county or Stokes county; it’s public record.

For the record, I am not him. I wonder if he is the reason I don’t hear back from job applications I’m qualified for. Hmmm.

Creating (or escaping) A Sick System

Written By: richardwcraver - Jul• 07•16

This is a blog post from that I found some years ago, it fit to a “T” the workplace I was in at the time, a sick system, bordering on a Dark Triad, that I left after 19 years. It was painful for awhile, but one of the best moves of my life. I go back to read this every so often when I feel myself being sucked into someone’s ‘system’. Kinda like looking over my shoulder to check my blind spot while driving, it’s time to check my blind spots again.



Gandalf Gains A Little Bling

Written By: richardwcraver - Jun• 11•16

Nothing serious here. When I bought my jug of Mobil1 oil recently the do Gandalf’s 200,000 mile oil change, they have an offer whereby one could get a custom frame with the car’s ‘name’ emblazoned on it. Then customers were encouraged to upload photos of their named cars wearing their new fashion accessory.

Well Gandalf’s bit of bling showed up the other day, so it was time for a bath and photo-shoot.

Gandalf The Gray

Gandalf The Gray

Methuselah was never as photogenic, but served me well until she was put out to pasture by an inattentive Toyota.