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Self Inflicted Bite To The Butt – Part 2

Written By: richardwcraver - Feb• 15•15

The problem had been identified, the cable sticking out of the front of the radio, so I turned my attention to the rear panel of the delightfully unassuming Blaupunkt, the are many extra connections back there. With enough money for add-on modules it supports handsfree phone, CD changer, steering wheel controls and rear AUX. The modules that make any of that possible are more expensive than the cost of a new radio. So I turned to Google. Google is my friend. (more…)

Self Inflicted Bite To The Butt – Part 1

Written By: richardwcraver - Feb• 13•15

I drive an older Honda Accord; a 1992 running strong at 514,000 miles Accord. That is a story in itself, I bought it from the second owner at 401,000 miles, she bought it from the first owner at about 100,000. I serviced the car during the intermediary 300,000 miles she drove it for me. But it was destined to be mine.

I was content with the factory AM/FM/Cassette radio until I acquired a Android smart phone and it became trivial for me to download podcasts and listen to them while driving. It turned driving back into something productive, filling the ‘know hole’ between my ears with something more useful than morning talk show chatter. (more…)

Who Do You Trust For News?

Written By: richardwcraver - Feb• 09•15

This past weekend I went to the funeral of a lady that is connected to my family by marriage, her older sister is married to one of my uncles, her uncle was my grandmother’s brother in law; as well as thirty some years ago I had dated her daughter for a short period of time. I learned of her passing from the daily email that I get from one of the local funeral homes. Yes, I get death notices by email, (more…)

You Get What You Pay For

Written By: richardwcraver - Jan• 26•15

Having worked on Acura and Honda automobiles since 1988 I frequently have folks asking me questions about Honda products. Usually it comes from a desire to repair something them self, less expensively or dare I say, cheaply. I try to help, but always end with the same refrain, use Genuine Honda parts, especially on critical items.

A few weeks ago I had someone approach me about a leaking water pump on their car. (more…)

Now Encrypted With SSL/TLS, Just Because I Can

Written By: richardwcraver - Jan• 14•15

Not too long ago Google announced that they would start giving a slight preference in page ranking to websites that have SSL/TLS encryption enabled. Given that I have such a high value website <sarcasm> I spent an afternoon during the Christmas and New Year days off and setup secure connections to, without paying a dime. It is what is known as a Domain Validation Certificate, it only confirms that I control the domain and that the data is encrypted in transit, the most basic Certificate available. (more…)

No “L”? No Christ?

Written By: richardwcraver - Dec• 08•14

We have a clock radio in our bedroom that stays on WBFJ. I am not a morning person, I don’t wake up well, so it will play for awhile as I am in slumber trying to summon the will to get the day started. This morning they were playing a mix of the current Contemporary Christian music and light Christmas standards.

The song Noel was playing, and I recalled an old joke about the 25 letter alphabet that had no L. Notice I didn’t say it was a good joke. (more…)

Life’s Journey Takes A Fresh Step

Written By: richardwcraver - Oct• 11•14

This thing called life is an interesting journey. At times it seems to fly by so fast, and at others it seems to drag on forever. This weekend is one of those reminders of how fast it can move by. This afternoon my sister is hosting a baby shower for my daughter who is expecting in November. Yes, my baby is having a baby, it doesn’t seem right, but at the same time it is to be perfectly expected. (more…)

Who Sets The Standard?

Written By: richardwcraver - Jul• 21•14

In 1975 the US Congress passed the Metric Conversion Act which set in motion the Metrication of the United States. I remember in school being taught the metric system and being given all sorts of little conversion charts and conversion devices to be able to understand how metric temperature, weight, length and so on compared. In the end we never really converted at all for a number of reasons. I believe we took the wrong approach by using an equivalency approach with tables and graphs instead of simply changing over and learning what 95 kph and 20°C felt like as well as what a liter of fuel should cost. At this point the US, Burma and Liberia are the only nations that have not fully adopted the metric system.


Filling The Silence

Written By: richardwcraver - Jul• 19•14

For many years I have had Pastors and Teachers talk of the importance of having a quiet time. A time of Bible study, prayer and listening for the Lord to speak. Like most busy people in this age I find that very difficult. However when I changed jobs two months ago and found driving to Greensboro I determined that the 35 minutes of my morning drive would not be wasted time or spent listening to the goings ons of the world on the radio. I decided to spend my drive time listening to the Bible from the app on my Android phone. (more…)

Just A Rant

Written By: richardwcraver - Jul• 13•14

I went to get my hair cut today. That’s no special event, people do it all the time. I found this guy, Todd Earnhardt at Mocksville Barbershop on the courthouse square in Mocksville, NC; he does a great job with my hair cut of choice, a flat-top. I tell my wife that this is just a transitionary hair cut, if more bald spots appear I’m going to start shaving it. I first met Todd at a barbershop in Clemmons, NC, he left to hang his own shingle in Mocksville and I followed him there. I appreciate good work and he’s good people. (more…)