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So I Made A Mistake

Written By: richardwcraver - Nov• 23•17

I sat down to load some .233 rifle ammo last week and everything went well, until I started cleaning up.


Now For Some .233

Written By: richardwcraver - Nov• 17•17

Overall I’ve been happy with my adventure into reloading 9mm pistol rounds. So now it’s time to get the .223″ rifle loads going.


Making Do

Written By: richardwcraver - Nov• 12•17

There is an old line I’m fond of that goes, ‘I’ve done some much, for so long, with so little, that I’m now qualified to do anything with nothing’.


Getting Loaded 2

Written By: richardwcraver - Oct• 31•17

After a second trip to the range and further review and contemplation I decided Lyman max load data didn’t work as well as I wanted.


Gandalf Gets A New Soul

Written By: richardwcraver - Oct• 21•17

After my last Honda Accord, Methusalah for obvious reasons, got killed by a Toyota,

I got a Honda Element, who I named Gandalf because he’s gray. He’s done nothing particularly magical (yet), but I liked the name.

Gandalf The Grey?




Getting Loaded

Written By: richardwcraver - Oct• 17•17

I’ve been getting loaded a lot here lately. But you don’t need to plan an intervention, I can stop any time I want…really.


A Rainy Gun Day

Written By: richardwcraver - Oct• 07•17

My wife is a quilter. Every year a group charters buses so a bunch of women and a few men can go on a ‘Shop Hop’ of quilts shops across central North Carolina. So I was left at home to my own devices today. (more…)

In The Club

Written By: richardwcraver - Sep• 30•17

When I was growing up we lived next to my grandparent’s farm with hills, woods and gullies. Those who didn’t grow up rural may only know of Fern Gully. Basically a gully is just a washed out spot on a hillside. (more…)

The Shop Is Coming Together

Written By: richardwcraver - Sep• 15•17

For all my mechanical abilities there is one thing I’ve never been able to enjoy, a home shop.

The first house I owned had a rickety shed with a gravel floor big enough for a mower and a few yard tools. The next house had a full basement with a work bench that I put to use with various bits of computer pieces and parts. Things were looking up and I started acquiring a few tools, until the former Mrs decided she ‘didn’t want to be married’ and we didn’t live there anymore.

An apartment and a rental place followed with no proper facilities. In fact I have been known to build computers on the bathroom counter because the best light was there. And I have been known to clean guns and build rifles on the dining room table. I put towels down of course; I had to chase curious cats out of my mess as well.

A couple years ago the beloved and I bought a house. Somehow she has a ‘creative room’ for quilting, but my creativity has been frustrated by boxes of ‘stuff’ from the previous moves. Believing anything not missed during 10 years of marriage and moving is not needed I had a burn pile and started making space.

Last weekend the work bench went in along with 120 watt equivalent LED lighting.

Tonight green felt was taped down to the bench top and my gun hobby tools have started filling drawers.

Cleaning and lubrication products arranged,

A bit of gun and racing memorabilia put up

now to finalize my reloading equipment wants and needs and this place will start to see activity.

People Are So Irresponsible

Written By: richardwcraver - Sep• 13•17

So Monday I parked a customer’s Odyssey van in the Ready lot, next to the 7 ft tall chain link fence. Well it seems that the owner, who bought it new 200,000+ miles ago drives out and scrapes the entire left side of the vehicle. After 200,000 miles she hasn’t figured out that her minivan doesn’t bend in the middle. And somehow it’s my fault for BACKING INTO a tight parking space.

Now this morning,

A Pilot that I worked on Tuesday late, I parked it outside the fenced lot to be picked up after hours. I set the park brake like I always do.

The customer dropped off his grand-daughter at 9:00 last night and drove off. She drove away and heard noises from the back, beeping noises and the Brake warning light was on. So she sat in the parking lot for an hour until her family came back to pick her up. Apparently she has never used a park brake before, and it’s my fault.

I suppose I’m responsible for everyone else’s obliviousness. Come on people!