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… You May Be A Reloader

Written By: richardwcraver - Nov• 27•17

If you’ve ever dried brass in the kitchen oven…you may be a reloader.

First .223 Loads Fired

Written By: richardwcraver - Nov• 25•17

Three posts ago I was loading my first batch of .223 Remington. I went to the range Friday and the results look good.


Reloadis Newbieous In Habitat

Written By: richardwcraver - Nov• 25•17

I went to the range this morning to observe a Defensive/Tactical Pistol match. I wanted to see how it worked and maybe try it on a future match. I wasn’t planning to shoot the match, but took the Beagle and 100 rounds of reloaded 9mm just in case I decided to make some noise.


So I Made A Mistake

Written By: richardwcraver - Nov• 23•17

I sat down to load some .233 rifle ammo last week and everything went well, until I started cleaning up.


Now For Some .233

Written By: richardwcraver - Nov• 17•17

Overall I’ve been happy with my adventure into reloading 9mm pistol rounds. So now it’s time to get the .223″ rifle loads going.


Making Do

Written By: richardwcraver - Nov• 12•17

There is an old line I’m fond of that goes, ‘I’ve done some much, for so long, with so little, that I’m now qualified to do anything with nothing’.


Getting Loaded 2

Written By: richardwcraver - Oct• 31•17

After a second trip to the range and further review and contemplation I decided Lyman max load data didn’t work as well as I wanted.


Gandalf Gets A New Soul

Written By: richardwcraver - Oct• 21•17

After my last Honda Accord, Methusalah for obvious reasons, got killed by a Toyota,

I got a Honda Element, who I named Gandalf because he’s gray. He’s done nothing particularly magical (yet), but I liked the name.

Gandalf The Grey?




Getting Loaded

Written By: richardwcraver - Oct• 17•17

I’ve been getting loaded a lot here lately. But you don’t need to plan an intervention, I can stop any time I want…really.


A Rainy Gun Day

Written By: richardwcraver - Oct• 07•17

My wife is a quilter. Every year a group charters buses so a bunch of women and a few men can go on a ‘Shop Hop’ of quilts shops across central North Carolina. So I was left at home to my own devices today. (more…)