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Methuselah Is Gone But Gandalf Has Taken His Place

Written By: richardwcraver - May• 24•15

A few weeks ago I wrote about my old Accord being struck down in the prime of life at 519,380 miles. Sigh…. I wanted to see how long that car would remain viable transportation. I mused that I considered it a girl because a young lady that was a customer at the shop I used to work at drove it for many years, but I was considering naming it Methuselah. Methuselah was the oldest man recorded in the Bible, 27 Altogether, Methuselah lived a total of 969 years, and then he died. – Genesis 5:27 But alas it was not to be. (more…)

Life Is Like ….

Written By: richardwcraver - May• 04•15

Since God formed the dust of the earth into the body of Adam and breathed life into him, mankind has pondered the meaning of it all. The great philosopher …. ahem ….Forrest Gump stated that, “Mama always said life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.” Recently I overheard a conversation at work that basically related to how the sum of our experiences is what makes us what we are at any given point in time. One of the guys said that “Life is like a game of Solitaire, the moves you are presented with are reflected by the moves you’ve made previously. An interesting thought to ponder, and it holds some merit. (more…)

Why Did You Leave So Soon?

Written By: richardwcraver - Apr• 29•15

You belonged to someone else when we first met. The two of you shared many long hours traveling and seeing the world. At first I only knew you from afar, but as time carried on we got to know each other more intimately. Then the two of you split. It had been a long happy relationship with few problems, but ultimately it was time. Then you and I got together. (more…)

Cars Are Expensive Because People Want Them That Way

Written By: richardwcraver - Apr• 09•15

I will start by saying I like technology. I like computer gizmos, remote connectivity, portable electronics and the like. I just despise the cost of said technology. I am rarely an early adopter of anything, because bleeding edge is just that….bleeding…. cash. (more…)

Follow-up – Self Inflicted Bite To The Butt

Written By: richardwcraver - Mar• 29•15

When I last posted I thought I had ‘fixed’ my alternator whine in my homegrown Bluetooth setup, and I did at the cost of battery charging.  About that time one of my co-workers took delivery of a new Sony (Bleckkkk – I’ll never buy Sony again.) radio for his wife’s Honda Pilot. The previous owner had replaced the excellent factory radio with a JVC with no CD player. He says, “Who would buy a radio without a CD player?” I raised my hand. “Me. Mine has an SD card reader.” And an agreement of intent for me to buy the old radio was established. (more…)

Self Inflicted Bite To The Butt – Part 4

Written By: richardwcraver - Feb• 16•15

The next morning was especially cold and the windshield was covered in heavy frost. So I cranked the car, it sounded a bit sluggish. The battery is a few months old, but it is pretty cold. I set the defroster to high and turned on the rear window defroster, went back inside to caffeinate a few more minutes while the defroster did it’s thing. (more…)

Self Inflicted Bite To The Butt – Part 3

Written By: richardwcraver - Feb• 15•15

While I was waiting for the Bluetooth receiver to arrive, I began making plans for the USB power connection it required. I had already put a lighter outlet in the glovebox to keep my phone charged while driving. A 2.1A and 1.0A dual USB outlet charger. My first thought was to run the 3.5mm phone jack in there and plug it up. No! Too simple, and the glovebox is too cluttered already. When the bluetooth arrived I plugged into the outlet in the glovebox, confirmed that it worked and audio is clear (At idle). Yes! Now off to simplifying wiring.

Bluetooth Receiver (more…)

Self Inflicted Bite To The Butt – Part 2

Written By: richardwcraver - Feb• 15•15

The problem had been identified, the cable sticking out of the front of the radio, so I turned my attention to the rear panel of the delightfully unassuming Blaupunkt, the are many extra connections back there. With enough money for add-on modules it supports handsfree phone, CD changer, steering wheel controls and rear AUX. The modules that make any of that possible are more expensive than the cost of a new radio. So I turned to Google. Google is my friend. (more…)

Self Inflicted Bite To The Butt – Part 1

Written By: richardwcraver - Feb• 13•15

I drive an older Honda Accord; a 1992 running strong at 514,000 miles Accord. That is a story in itself, I bought it from the second owner at 401,000 miles, she bought it from the first owner at about 100,000. I serviced the car during the intermediary 300,000 miles she drove it for me. But it was destined to be mine.

I was content with the factory AM/FM/Cassette radio until I acquired a Android smart phone and it became trivial for me to download podcasts and listen to them while driving. It turned driving back into something productive, filling the ‘know hole’ between my ears with something more useful than morning talk show chatter. (more…)

Who Do You Trust For News?

Written By: richardwcraver - Feb• 09•15

This past weekend I went to the funeral of a lady that is connected to my family by marriage, her older sister is married to one of my uncles, her uncle was my grandmother’s brother in law; as well as thirty some years ago I had dated her daughter for a short period of time. I learned of her passing from the daily email that I get from one of the local funeral homes. Yes, I get death notices by email, (more…)