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El Paso and Dayton

Written By: richardwcraver - Aug• 05•19

Like most I’ve been watching the news with sadness and anger at the senseless murders this past weekend in El Paso, TX and Dayton, OH.


Walking Through The Cemetery At Night

Written By: richardwcraver - Apr• 20•19

Its the night before Easter and I suddenly remember that I had not taken the flowers to the cemetery. Maybe I forgot, maybe I subconsciously pushed it out of my memory for awhile, it is tough to go there.


My Hands Are Clean

Written By: richardwcraver - Jan• 22•19

It’s been just over a month now. After 34 years in the retail automotive repair business I walked away from it.


Snow Day!

Written By: richardwcraver - Dec• 10•18

So the southeast got hit with wintry precipitation this weekend. We got around 11″ here with drifts to 19″. Not a big deal in the northern areas of the country, but a disaster in the south.



Written By: richardwcraver - Dec• 08•18

Well, the snow is coming. Not a thing we can do about it, just remain calm and remember in a few days it will be gone. But this is middle North Carolina, and people have lost their minds.


Brass Prep Baby featuring Rusty The Range Squirrel

Written By: richardwcraver - Dec• 05•18

Just a bit of lighthearted parody of Ice Ice Baby… (more…)

The Funeral Of A Mentor

Written By: richardwcraver - Nov• 06•18

Today I went to funeral of my earliest Christian mentor, Robert Ore. When I first met him


How I Develop Loads For A Bullet With No Published Load Data

Written By: richardwcraver - Nov• 04•18

We should always use published load data when reloading ammunition, that is a standard safety practice. But what about when there is no published load data? (more…)

Back In The Saddle

Written By: richardwcraver - Oct• 26•18

Finally! It’s been a long summer, it’s been stinking hot, and finally the earth has tilted on it’s axis and fall (Or autumn if you prefer) is upon us! (more…)

Us – Why We Got Trump

Written By: richardwcraver - Aug• 11•18

I came across this essay attributed to Paul Genova, whom I do not know, but I understand his sentiment. (more…)