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Seven Months?!?

Has it been seven months since I posted something? Yes, I guess it has. Wow, time has flown. Back in December of 2012 I posted I’m Not Dead, Yet. I had taken a second job trying to make ends meet, a year later I quit that job; the burn-out was phenomenal. About the same time […]

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I’m Not Dead, Yet

I’m not dead, not yet anyway. I’ve not abandoned putting my thoughts onto digital paper. Sadly life is such that I have taken a second job and cannot play with my electronic toys or put my ponderings out for the world to admire.

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Ray’s Crippled Crow

I came downstairs to make some breakfast this morning, and as I turned on the front room light I was instantly greeted by a swarm of little black eyes of a herd of Mickey Mouse wags in the aquarium, a few moments later indoor cat Pixie was yammering, and shortly afterwards, outdoor cat Ginger was […]

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