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Self Inflicted Bite To The Butt – Part 3

While I was waiting for the Bluetooth receiver to arrive, I began making plans for the USB power connection it required. I had already put a lighter outlet in the glovebox to keep my phone charged while driving. A 2.1A and 1.0A dual USB outlet charger. My first thought was to run the 3.5mm phone […]

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Self Inflicted Bite To The Butt – Part 2

The problem had been identified, the cable sticking out of the front of the radio, so I turned my attention to the rear panel of the delightfully unassuming Blaupunkt, the are many extra connections back there. With enough money for add-on modules it supports handsfree phone, CD changer, steering wheel controls and rear AUX. The […]

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Self Inflicted Bite To The Butt – Part 1

I drive an older Honda Accord; a 1992 running strong at 514,000 miles Accord. That is a story in itself, I bought it from the second owner at 401,000 miles, she bought it from the first owner at about 100,000. I serviced the car during the intermediary 300,000 miles she drove it for me. But […]

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No “L”? No Christ?

We have a clock radio in our bedroom that stays on WBFJ. I am not a morning person, I don’t wake up well, so it will play for awhile as I am in slumber trying to summon the will to get the day started. This morning they were playing a mix of the current Contemporary […]

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Life’s Journey Takes A Fresh Step

This thing called life is an interesting journey. At times it seems to fly by so fast, and at others it seems to drag on forever. This weekend is one of those reminders of how fast it can move by. This afternoon my sister is hosting a baby shower for my daughter who is expecting […]

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Just A Rant

I went to get my hair cut today. That’s no special event, people do it all the time. I found this guy, Todd Earnhardt at Mocksville Barbershop on the courthouse square in Mocksville, NC; he does a great job with my hair cut of choice, a flat-top. I tell my wife that this is just […]

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Seven Months?!?

Has it been seven months since I posted something? Yes, I guess it has. Wow, time has flown. Back in December of 2012 I posted I’m Not Dead, Yet. I had taken a second job trying to make ends meet, a year later I quit that job; the burn-out was phenomenal. About the same time […]

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I’m Not Dead, Yet

I’m not dead, not yet anyway. I’ve not abandoned putting my thoughts onto digital paper. Sadly life is such that I have taken a second job and cannot play with my electronic toys or put my ponderings out for the world to admire.

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Ray’s Crippled Crow

I came downstairs to make some breakfast this morning, and as I turned on the front room light I was instantly greeted by a swarm of little black eyes of a herd of Mickey Mouse wags in the aquarium, a few moments later indoor cat Pixie was yammering, and shortly afterwards, outdoor cat Ginger was […]

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