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People Are So Irresponsible

Written By: richardwcraver - Sep• 13•17

So Monday I parked a customer’s Odyssey van in the Ready lot, next to the 7 ft tall chain link fence. Well it seems that the owner, who bought it new 200,000+ miles ago drives out and scrapes the entire left side of the vehicle. After 200,000 miles she hasn’t figured out that her minivan doesn’t bend in the middle. And somehow it’s my fault for BACKING INTO a tight parking space.

Now this morning,

A Pilot that I worked on Tuesday late, I parked it outside the fenced lot to be picked up after hours. I set the park brake like I always do.

The customer dropped off his grand-daughter at 9:00 last night and drove off. She drove away and heard noises from the back, beeping noises and the Brake warning light was on. So she sat in the parking lot for an hour until her family came back to pick her up. Apparently she has never used a park brake before, and it’s my fault.

I suppose I’m responsible for everyone else’s obliviousness. Come on people!

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