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Snow In The South

Written By: richardwcraver - Jan• 08•17

As a kid I loved snow; days out of school, sledding and throwing snowballs would ensue. Nowadays, well not so much. Unfortunately in our part of North Carolina we don’t get just snow, we usually get ice with the bargain. This weekend on the other hand is snow, powdery, fluffy and 7 inches; a whole lot of it, at least for North Carolina.

Gandalf The White

As I write this it is currently 10º F, the forecast was for 7º F. The lowest I recall ever seeing was 5º F, which is the forecast for tomorrow morning. I know, what’s the big deal? I know the upper tier states of the U.S. and Canada see negative numbers all the time, us southerners don’t know what cold weather really is. This is serious stuff for us as these temperatures only happen every 5 years or so for us. Heat pumps that are sufficient down to the teens suddenly feel downright puny and run non-stop or worse, the dreaded strip heaters engage. The next electric bill will be interesting.

So am I complaining? Yeah, a little bit. Snow isn’t so much fun when you have to be the adult and pay bills. I’m strictly commission paid, so when the roads are snarled, well I don’t make money. Did I mention the next electric bill will be interesting? But all I can do is sit here at the computer and look at the prettiness and be thankful I am heat pump warm, I have a happy, contented cat sitting on my lap and coffee in the pot.

Oh, and by this time next week the snow will be a memory, because us southerners don’t know what cold weather is. As we like to say in North Carolina, ‘If you don’t like the weather, wait 24 hours”.


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