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Annual Computer Freshen Up

Written By: richardwcraver - Dec• 26•15

A few days ago I generated a new security certificate for the website, it is installed and goes live on the 28th. I don’t have anything that needs super secret in transit security, but it’s available, free for non-profit use and I can, so I do it. Plus if we are to believe that the NSA is storing ALL encrypted traffic in the event that they need to decrypt it later, I’m happy to be a very small insignificant thorn in their flesh.

Today I am doing my yearly backup, DBAN, SpinRite and Operating System re-installation that I do during the Christmas time off. I’m making the jump to Windows 10, not because it’s better, it’s not, but because I don’t plan to replace this aging desktop before Win7 support ends, and Win8/8.1 honestly just stinks. I don’t use Windows much, but keep it around for times I ‘have’ to access a web site that refuses to work with anything but Internet Exploder.

File restoration just finished, and I start installing the real OS, Linux Mint 17.3 next.

Have a great Christmas.

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