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Do You Have Computer Paper?

Written By: richardwcraver - Oct• 29•15

Although I’m coming up on 50, I really don’t think of myself as Old, although my body reminds me every so often. Occasionally you find yourself showing your actual age, such as the case of one of my co-workers recently who grew up in the same time period.

We normally get all our office supplies through Amazon, it’s no muss or fuss and since the business has Prime everything shows up quickly enough. Recently we needed paper for the wheel alignment machine to print out before and after results. It is an old machine, we jokingly say Noah aligned the keel of the ark with it, but the manufacturer stills supports it with maintenance and updates. It came from the age when laser printers were prohibitively expensive and inkjets were non-existent. It runs on DOS and has a dot matrix printer.


At any rate we needed paper, so one of us ‘old’ guys went to an office supply place, a young employee greeted him and asked to help.

“I’m looking for some computer paper.”

“Paper?”, came the reply.

“Yes, computer printer paper.”

“Printer paper? Like injet?”

“I’m looking for white tractor feed paper, not the green bar type.”

…blank look… “Tractor…?”

About that time an older employee overhearing the conversation steps in, “I can show you where that is. Do you need a ribbon as well?”

“I think we’re good on ribbons.”

Awhile later we were back in business printing alignment results with ‘Computer Paper’. In case younger readers think any paper is computer or printer paper, not so, it’s even named as such on the box.

ComputerPaperSee? Us old folks aren’t so stupid.

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